Wednesday 12 July 2023

My Experience on Trans Dating Site

As a transgender woman, I didn't know where to find a dating partner until my friends recommended trans dating site to me. I used to join ordinary dating site to look for dating, however it seemed unfriendly to transgender people. I didn't know how to tell other people that I'm a transgender people on ordinary dating sites, I don't want to lie to anyone, but I don't know whether they can accept me as a trans woman. To be frack, dating on ordinary site is not a great experience for me, so I started to find other ways of trans dating.

I knew from my friends that there are some transgender dating app only for transgender people and ordinary people who are interested in trans dating. Some of my friends have found their dating partners on trans dating sites, so I decided to have a try. When I searched online I found that there are many trans dating sites, with so many choices I even didn't know which one can I join in. I read the introduction of these trans dating sites one by one, finally I decided to join a trans dating app called Translr. My experience on trans dating site is really unforgettable, so I want to share it with all my friends here.

Unlike any other dating site, this trans dating app is easy to use. I'm a new comer to online dating, but everything seems easy to me. There are tens of thousands of users, most of them are transgender people and trans dating finders, others are crossdressers or shemales, everyone here is friendly to transgender people. As a trans woman, I want to be respected by everyone around me, and this app can really meet my needs. In my opinion, all relationships start with respect. I want to mention everyone who want to date a transgender woman, in trans dating, respect is more important than love sometime. My dating experience at trans dating site is totally different from what was at ordinary dating sites. I can be myself, and tell other people who I am bravely. I want to meet someone who can really accept me as a transgender woman, so trans dating site is my best choice. If you are the same as me, you can also join a trans dating site.

Another advantage of trans dating site is that it makes it possible to meet more like-minded people and make more new friends. I'm dating not only for love relationship, but also for friendship, friendship is an important part of my life. Before meeting by boyfriend on this trans dating app, I spent most of my time with my friends. Thanks to their company, I never feel lonely even when I was alone. There are so many transgender people looking for friendship online, I'm so happy to make friends with other transgender people. According to my personal experience, trans dating site is the best choice for transgender people to find friendship and love relationship.

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