Wednesday 12 July 2023

Some problems that may occur in BBWs' life

If you are a BBW or there are some plus size women around you, you can easily find a phenomenon: a lot of curvy women are used to hear some negative judgement about them or even meet some unfair things by themselves. I know that it is not a good thing for plus size women, but actually that always happen in the real life. Well, besides this thing, there are some other problems that BBWs usually meet in their bbw dating. Let's have a look together.

To begin with, as a plus size woman, the most biggest problems is finding a suitable partner. Well, you may say that there are so many dating sites and apps which designed for those plus size people. Yes, that's it! But on the other hand, compared with those skinny women, BBW admirers are much less than skinny women admirers. So, it is a little bit difficult for BBWs to find their bbw tinder in a way. The second problem is that plus size women may not easy to buy suitable or ideal clothes because of their big body shapes. For example, if they go to those normal women dress stores, they cannot find their own sizes there for those stores only service for slim women and medium stature women . Or on the other hand, if they go to some shops which have many oversize clothes, nobody can promise that whether plus size women will like those clothes. Well, compared with skinny women's clothes, the style or the variety of BBWs' clothes may be cast into the shade. All in all, those BBW hookup need to spend much time in finding their suitable dress in the daily life. The last point is that some plus size women dare not play jokes when they play with other people. Why this kind of thing will happen? Well, we know that there are some people around BBWs like to make unfair judgements of BBWs or even laugh at them sometimes. So, under such a situation, those plus size women are afraid that others may make fun of her so that they usually do not play jokes in front of those people even though some of them have a good sense of humour. That sounds a little bit regrettable i think.

To summary, these points are the main problems that usually occur in BBWs' daily life. Although, they are problems for BBWs, i believe they can solve them if they try their best to do it.

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