What Are the Three Most Popular Anonymous Dating Apps?

With the preesure of work and life, people barely have time for dating. That’s why online dating app are in prevail. There are various of dating apps out there. Which one is the best app for singles to get into a meaningful and long term relationship? In order to solve this problem, we have analyzed three of the most popular anonymous dating apps on the market. These three apps are aims at helping people to have transgender relationship, kinky threesomes and cougar dating. Thus, on matter what kind of relationship you want to find, this article will be useful.

#1: Transdr, an anonymous dating app for transgender

There is a new anonymous dating app for people who identify as transgender, transsexual and crossdresser, launched in July, named Transdr. This dating site is highly recommended to transgender people and others who are interested in trans dating relationship. Although Transdr is a new dating app, it has been optimized its features for users who are looking for trans dating relationship. This app was released for not a long time, but you may amaze to find the features in it at this moment is powerful enough.

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#2: 3rder, an anonymous dating app for kinky threesomes

3rder is one the most exciting anonymous dating app for open minded people to find people have threesome. It is also one of the largest and most perfect tinder for threesomes for everyone who want to venture the wild world. People are well aware of why they come here. They are threesome finder to search for like minded women and men for group fun or at least they are curious about the exciting threesomes. 3rder is skilled in matching kinky singles and open couples who are looking for third party to spice things up.

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#3´╝ÜCougarD, an anonymous dating app for cougars and cubs

CougarD has been launched for a long time and considered as one of the perfect anonymous dating apps for cougars and cubs around the world. When it comes to older women dating, people are easy to think about an older rich woman with a hot young man. Because of the age gap, people think older women dating is not acceptable. While true love is worth pursuing, so if you are the people who want to get into the cougar dating, come to CougarD. CougarD has offered some useful features which can help its members easily find the people they want.

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