Wednesday 12 July 2023

Why Do Some Men Like Transgender Women?

Men like you who are attracted to the romance and sexuality of transgender women don't always have the opportunity to communicate and share ideas with others. In your social circle, work, family and community you may be opposed to or unsupportive of dating a transgender girl. As for why men are attracted to transgender women, the following reasons were summarized in the survey.

1.They found that transgender women are more feminine

Many straight men are attracted to transgender women because of their traditional aesthetics. Shemales often value the representation of their femininity, which puts them ahead of the competition with cis women. There are a lot of tomboys like me who like to wear jeans and sneakers, so if you're looking for a guy who likes to wear a dress and perfume and is feminine all over, maybe a trans woman is your best bet.

2.They have no explanation

Why do some men like blondes or BBW? For some men, there is a specific reason. Maybe your first love is blonde or chubby, and that's what makes you special. For others, they just like it. There are no special memories or defined characteristics. Sexual attraction is often based on mysterious causes we don't know about. That's part of why sex is so fun and exciting.

3.They like strong women

A friend said, "the only thing my four main ex partners have in common is that they are all soldiers who are determined to live fully in adversity." The virtue of facing adversity bravely is something that some men have to admire.

Another friend who have a trans dating relationship said, "I don't care if a woman is trans, cis, fat, thin, black, white, etc., I can accept all types of women.But if you've had setbacks in your life, I'll love you more because I've had them."

4.They are straight men

Some transgender admirers are straight men who are attracted only to all types of women, while some are attracted only to trans women and consider this their orientation. There are no transgender admirers who consider themselves gay, and the shemale and transgender porn on heterosexual websites is also very popular. All in all, trans women are women, and it's not surprising that men are attracted to women.

5.They like chicks with penises

Loving someone who has both a feminine and a male penis is as old as myth, hence the classic myth of androgyny - Hermes and Aphrodit. It's a love that dare not speak out, and some trans women are sensitive to what men like before they become transgender.

In some cases it is understandable that you are treated as an object. However, the idea that all men are attracted to women with penises is wrong. We have to admit that this is a special attraction, but men like you who love penises don't love men at all or you should switch to another type of dating site.

It's hard for some people to accept themselves or their suitors, but let's accept it. Because of the risk and pain of sex reassignment surgery, many women choose not to have the surgery and they need love, too.

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