Wednesday 12 July 2023

What You Should Prevent When You are Dating a Transgender

Transgender women are women, but they are different from cisgender women. If you are dating a transgender woman, there are certain things you should prevent.

Do not compare us to cisgender women. Many men like to compare us transgender women to cisgender women. The fact is that we are not cisgender women and we will never be one. We are born with biological men and we transition to be female. Therefore, we are transgender / transsexual women. Do not refer to cisgender girl as normal girl or regular girl. It would make us feel that we are not normal or regular.

Do not think that transgender people are all poor-educated. Many people think that transgender people can't graduate from high school or college. When they encounter a transgender, they would ask: Were you kicked out of school? Do you still talk to your family? That is another stereotype for transgender people. In fact, there are lots of transgender people that are well-educated. Not all transgender people have issues with their family. Chances for transgender people get kicked out by school are just the same as cisgender people. Schools won't kick out people for them being transgender. The situation is the same for the family. Communication is the best solving method.

Never discuss sex before your first trans date with a transgender. If you are just into having sex with her, then maybe you are not going to get it. The most unwelcome thing for transgender women is people come for sex. Transgender women are not your sex toy or sex fetish. Even if you think we are, but we are not. If you act like that you have extra interest in our sex life, then you are banned. We are not comfortable with discussing it with some random people. This is the same for cisgender people. I think no one would be okay with discussing sex with a stranger. Besides, we don't even know if we are going to have a sexual relationship. Why do you care? It is not your business.

Discuss sex before actually do it. There is a little different from cisgender women. Some trans women do not like their certain body parts touched. They may be not comfortable with certain things. To prevent awkwardness, you'd better discuss it first before you sleep with her. Just to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Have a ts dating with a trans woman do not make you gay. This topic is mostly discussed by the public. Once they heard a man is dating a transgender woman, they would naturally assume that the man is a gay. This concept is totally wrong. The reason men would date a transgender woman, is that they are attracted to their female appearance and personalities, just like a man is attracted to any cisgender woman. In the end, everything comes to the fact that transgender women are female, not male. If a man is attracted to a woman, he is straight. This is very simple.

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