Wednesday 12 July 2023

One night stand - Stay over-night or not?

Your ideal one night stand scenario might be like this: You and a super-hot stranger ripping each other's clothes off and orgasm for several times, then leaving without any regret. If only that easy. In reality, there are countless accidents and incidents might happen from the beginning throughout the whole process. One of the commonly mentioned awkwardness is how to ask your guest to leave or how to leave without hurting your partner's feelings after tinder hookup. Here are several solutions for you to consider.

You want to sleep alone. Maybe you like double orgasm, but sharing a bed? No. No matter what happened between you, how intimate you got with each other, there are always some polite ways to help you get away or ask them to leave without hurting feelings.

Before hooking up with your partner, you should better stress this point. Tell him/her that you can't sleep tight when there's company or you have an early meeting the next morning or you made an appointment with your dentist the next morning. You can always think up with some excuse. No matter what excuse you use, the point is to let your partner know that you don't want him/her to stay for the night.

If you are going to someone's place for a one night stand while you don't want to stay for the night, here is also some advice. Leaving right after having enough fun can be considered as a rude behavior. It can generate a feeling of being used. But if you do want to leave, the safest way to do this is to tell your partner beforehand just like that when you are the host. But try to cuddle for some short time instead of leaving right after. When you cuddle, you can gently bring it up. The excuses are the same as the ones you use as a host. So use your creativity.

All in all, the most effective way to avoid awkwardness when leaving your hook up dating partner is to state your point beforehand. Therefore, you need to think it through. Are you going to stay for the night or not? If not, tell your partner. If you are okay with staying over, discuss with y

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