Wednesday 12 July 2023

Two Type of Girls for Hookup Instead of Dating

Here are several tips for you to distinguish girls from those for tinder hookup to those to have a relationships with.

One tip to tell if they are marriage material or hook up material is to tell from their expense. Their economic conditions are ordinary, but their consumption far exceeds their income. There is such a kind of girl, their monthly consumption is far more than their income, their salary itself is difficult to fill the hole of debt.

In fact, it is good to distinguish, to exclude the situation of rich second generation. If the monthly income of a girl is only a few thousand, but the price of bags is tens of thousands, clothes are all brand-named, and often travel everywhere or even to abroad, you have to think twice.

To be honest, friends, if you do get together in the future, you are most likely to be responsible for the extra expenses beyond her income. Of course, during the courtship phase, there's nothing wrong with trying to satisfy her be naughty needs. It's all about love. But over time, you'll start to feel the pressure and even find it harder and harder to meet her needs.

This is because we all have a comparative psychology, you can start from poor to rich, but one can hardly accept going from rich to poor, right? I believe that no boy can stand it. I am often compared with other boys by girls. So meet such a girl, I suggest you to think carefully before pursuing.

Second, they are extremely self-centered and have no empathy with you. In fact, we have to admit that girls are generally more empathic than boys. So if you meet a girl who is extremely self-centered and indifferent to you on dating apps, she's not lacking empathy, she's empathetic but she's not empathizing with you. So she won't be able to put herself in another person's shoes or understand your feelings.

There are many factors that form this character, such as the influence from the family of origin and the influence of the growing environment and so on. But the only reason why she treats you like this is that our value for her is not high enough to make her empathize with you. In other words, she thinks you are less valuable than her. No girl would like a guy who is weaker than her.

This is especially true if you've already engaged in low-value courtship, such as confessing your feelings to her or making it clear to her that you can't do it without you.

In her eyes, she will take your efforts for granted. At this time, no matter how much you pay for her, you can't see any feedback. Then you might blindly pay more, which will fall into a vicious circle.

To sum up, by discussing the two situations, I don't mean that you can't deal with a woman like these. Just learn to adjust your expectations accordingly. If your girl is the exact type we just talked about, then you might want to take down a little seriousness. Don’t get too engaged. Maybe consider it as a casual hook up instead of considering her as your significant other.

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